A family founded group, dating back 4 decades, VS Group combines a unique blend of experienced and continued innovation.

VS Group is synonymous with the name Premasiri Sumanasekera. In 1972, using his knowledge as a graduate of the University of Colombo in the area of Physical Science and as a renowned meteorologist and teacher, Premasiri Sumanasekera ventured into the field of manufacturing solely on his vision and ability to recognize opportunity.

The group founder, Premasiri Sumanaskera, sought to address accessibility and cost of scientific instruments for Sri Lanka but were only available as imports at a cost which was prohibitive. With only two artisans, using rudimentary materials and in the backyard of his residence, he set out to, and manufactured quality laboratory equipment matching the quality of the western imports and within three years had become the main supplier of laboratory equipment to Sri Lanka. The company had grown from 2 to over 150 employees within that period.  Today the group operates across 6 countries with about 1,000 employees at any one time. 

Our Beliefs


To assist the human race overcome present and emerging challenges and lead appropriatly comfortable lives.


A sustainable, clean and safe environment is the driver of any economic and social advancement devoid of calamity.


Quality products and services offered at economically accessible cost across the social strata ensures equitable development.


This dynamic world requires constant innovation to keep up with and stay ahead of often sudden changes.


Innovation affords opportunities across the production value chain. From the source of material to the production and consumption stages, opportunities are availed for personal economic and social growth.

Premium Service

Founded on premium quality products regardless of material used in the production, top quality products and services to  meet the stringent requirements in every sector.