Inova IT Systems Inova IT Systems

This company works in partnership with and compliments VSIS. The range of services and products are within the exciting and exponentially growing ICT field.

The company offers the following;



Construction Project Management Systems (CPMS)

A web based system for planning , scheduling and monitoring construction projects along with management of site work, bills of quantities and the quality control of such products.

Indenting and Brokerage System

A web based trade brokering system for managing contracts, commissions, collaboration, documents, cargo tracking, risk monitoring.

A web based system for managing human resources, payroll and attendance related matters of an organization.

A sustainable, clean and safe environment is the driver of any economic and social advancement devoid of calamity.

School Information Management System (SIMS)
A state of the art database system which can be used for managing a school’s day to day activities.
Bill Formatting Solution

An enterprise level solution for formatting bills by categories and types, producing them in nroff and PDF formats.