VS Turbo VS Turbo

VS Turbo proudly holds the distinction of being the pioneer and only manufacturer of hydro turbines in Sri Lanka. The company was incorporated by VS in 2007.

VS Turbo gained the knowledge and experience to invest in turbine manufacturing as a result of its long in depth collaborations with  numerous SHP plant manufacturers from countries such as China ,Germany, Spain, Austria, The United Kingdom, Eastern Europe and India.

The German DIN engineering standards were set as the  standard for the manufacture of  the VS Turbo turbines. In so doing, the company positioned itself to compete directly with the most reputable names in SHP like Voith; Andritz;  Koessler; Mavel; GHE Austria; Gilbert;  Gilkes; Gordon. It has competed very favorably and installed numerous units in Sri Lanka and over seas.

VS Turbo turbines have been installed in the following projects;

Weli Oya SHPPTurgo-Impulse7.0SRI LANKA
Mpanga SHPPFrancis68UGANDA
Wewelwatta 1 SHPPPelton15SRI LANKA
Kiriwaneliya SHPPPelton17SRI LANKA
Barcaple 2 SHPPPelton13SRI LANKA
Way GangaFrancisSRI LANKA
NakawitaKaplanSRI LANKA
GalahaFrancisSRI LANKA
Barcaple 1TurgoSRI LANKA
Weli OyaFrancisSRI LANKA
Kiriwan EliyaPeltonSRI LANKA
WewelwattePeltonSRI LANKA
Pataha OyaPeltonSRI LANKA
KalupahanaFrancisSRI LANKA
BulatwattaFrancisSRI LANKA
Kehelgamu OyaFrancisSRI LANKA
WaverlyFrancisSRI LANKA
Maskeli OyaFrancisSRI LANKA
Kadawala 1FrancisSRI LANKA
Kadawala 2FrancisSRI LANKA
Blackwater 1FrancisSRI LANKA
Blackwater 2FrancisSRI LANKA
Monara ElaFrancisSRI LANKA
GanthunaFrancisSRI LANKA
Siti 1PeltonUganda
Siti 2PeltonUganda
Rukarara 5FrancisRwanda
Gisenyi FrancisRwanda
Nyamagasani 1PeltonUganda
Nyamagasani 2PeltonUganda
Kipsonoi KaplanKenya